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Import Shipment Details

Date HS Code Product Description Qty. Unit India Port Foreign Port Foreign Country
21/09/2004 25289090 Colemanite-38 21 Mts Delhi tkd icd Valencia Valencia
2/09/2004 26151000 Zirconium flour-concentrate (gi-325) 42 Mts Delhi tkd icd Valencia Valencia
27/08/2004 28100020 Optibor tg ba granular ( boric acid) 19 Mts Delhi tkd icd Long beach Long beach
11/02/2004 28401900 Neobor borax pentahydrate 19 Mts Delhi tkd icd Long beach Long beach
1/09/2003 28402010 Borax pentahydrafte ( etibor - 48) 16 Mts Delhi tkd icd Turkey Turkey
28/09/2004 28402090 Borax pentahydrate ( e-48) 21 Mts Delhi tkd icd Izmir (smyrna) Izmir (smyrna)

Products Information

Import HS Code Product Description
Import 25289090 Natural borates and concentrates thereof (whether or not calcined), but not including borates separated from natural brine; natural boric acid containing not more than 85% of h3bo3 calculated on the dry weight colemanite-38
Import 26151000 Niobium, tantalum, vanadium or zirconium ores and concentrates zirconium flour-concentrate (gi-325)
Import 28100020 Oxides of boron;boric acids optibor tg ba granular ( boric acid)
Import 28401900 Borates; peroxoborates (perborates) neobor borax pentahydrate
Import 28402010 Borates; peroxoborates (perborates) borax pentahydrafte ( etibor - 48)
Import 28402090 Borates; peroxoborates (perborates) borax pentahydrate ( e-48)

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